Mobile App Schedule
Each Western Bud store has it's own operating schedule. We use a mobile app service to manage our store schedules. The mobile app is called WhenIWork. Do not download it from the app store until you've received an invitation to join via email.
Set Your Availability
Once you've accepted the invitation to join you new store's schedule, you can set your availability within the app.
From the main screen within the app, select:  More Availability
Schedule Changes
Once your store schedule is published, all employees are accountable to adhere to it. In the event you need to get your shift covered, please coordinate coverage with other employees. Note, all employees aren't allowed to go over 40 hours per week without permission from your Store Manager. If you're able to get someone to cover your shift, contact your Store Manager with the details so that he/she can update the schedule. Remember, all schedule changes must be approved by your Store Manager, and all schedule changes must be reflected on the schedule to ensure the substitute employee is paid accordingly for that shift.
Break Time
At Western Bud, all employees are required to periodically take breaks while working on the clock. Assistant Managers are responsible for managing all breaks. They're aware of the operational flow of each day and will use their best judgement to send employees on breaks whenever is most convenient for the shift.
All employees are entitled to (2) 15 minute breaks and (1) 30 minute meal break for every full shift worked (5 hour min.)
Before taking your break, please ask your Assistant Manager if there's anything in particular that needs to be done. Your Manager will likely ask you to perform a Lobby before taking any break. This helps us ensure our stores are periodically cleaned each day.
Time Off Requests
All employees are entitled to take time off from work as long as your request is received and approved by your Store Manager or General Manager. Requests for time off can be made within the WhenIWork mobile application. Once you've made your request for time off, please consult your Store Manager.
Western Bud is open everyday of the year. Because of this, all employees are asked to work holidays. Scheduling for holidays is derived first by a volunteer basis, then by seniority if needed. Western Bud pays time and a half on only Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

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