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Celebrate Danksgiving with Western Bud

Danksgiving is Better with Our Western Buds

Thanksgiving means different things to everyone. It can also be a major source of stress. One thing is clear though — Danksgiving celebrations are infinitely less stressful and exponentially more fun, especially when surrounded by friends.

What is Danksgiving? It’s everything you expect from Thanksgiving, minus any potential family brawls over politics or awkward conversations with the aunt you see once a year. It’s Thanksgiving with a twist. Friends, good food, and good bud make up the heart of Danksgiving. There is no better holiday to get elevated and chow down than Thanksgiving.

We spent this holiday celebration with Jerden, a Western Bud manager; Ahnya, co-founder of the Colored Cannabis Collective; Erin, the head grower for Cascadia Gardens; and Vee, who, among other things, is a big fan of cannabis. Now that’s a team fit for Danksgiving if we’ve ever seen one.

Since Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate and give thanks, throw some cannabis in the mix to make it a proper Danksgiving. We got to spend time with one another, laugh without inhibition, and share our favorite strains all while preparing a delicious meal for the whole crew to enjoy.

We shared lots of laughs during a great photoshoot, which showcased the amazing food we served up with the help of many pre-rolls and dabs. When it came time to sit down and eat, you can bet the group had worked up an appetite. There was no struggle to finish what was on our plate.

Western Bud has four locations: Anacortes, Bellingham, Burlington and Seattle. With multiple locations from north to south, we meet a lot of cool people on a daily basis. For example, Western Bud carries Cascadia Gardens products which led us to meet Erin, who joined us for our Danksgiving feast and photoshoot.

We can’t emphasize enough how important the cannabis community is. From meeting new industry folk at the store to spending the holidays taking photos and dabs with friends, the cannabis community truly is special for bringing people of all backgrounds together. Our hearts were filled with gratitude all night and continue to feel full with the support of our cannabis community.

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