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Best Cannabis Products for Valentine's Day

Feel the Love with our Best Cannabis Products for Valentine's Day

Can you name a more iconic duo than cannabis and sex? We’ll wait. Reports have even shown that two-thirds of users find cannabis use enhances their sexual experiences. If you’re looking to spice up your holiday plans, we’ve rounded up the best cannabis products for Valentine’s Day to elevate your experience and impress your boo.

House of Cultivar’s Goldfinger

Kick off the action with House of Cultivar’s delicious honey-rolled joints. We love the Goldfinger - Strawberry for its high potency and satisfying berry flavor. These pre-rolls are made up of 100% flower, distillate rolled and dry sift dusted.

Though potent, the effects remain balanced and euphoria-inducing. With a medium head and body high, you can take a relaxing bubble bath with that special someone or go on a romantic moonlit stroll with these pre-rolls.

Kakau Chocolates by Northwest Cannabis Solutions

These luxurious chocolates by Northwest Cannabis Solutions are guaranteed to impress your Valentine this year. Chocolate covered caramel and peanuts infused with 10 mg of THC each are perfect to enhance this special day.

You’ll be feeling mellow and euphoric once these candies hit, great for getting in the mood and connecting with the one you love. Plus, they’re dangerously delicious.

Herba Pre-roll: Lunar Lotus

Herba pre-rolls are another great option for elevating the mood this Valentine’s Day. We especially love their Lunar Lotus strain for its calming indica-dominant properties and uplifting effects. If you want to mellow out a bit and really get in the mood, we recommend Lunar Lotus to relieve your mind of stressful thoughts and bring you into the present moment with that special someone.

House of Cultivar Pre-Roll: Shaved Ice

This indica-dominant hybrid provides a balanced high and we can’t recommend it enough for Valentine’s Day fun.

Your whole body will feel relaxed, but your mind will feel uplifted and happy in the most mellow way possible. Share a few puffs with your Valentine and you’ll know what we mean.

Fifty Fold Flower: Mamacita

This strong sativa strain boasts delicious diesel and floral tones and is sure to boost your Valentine’s Day experience without muddling your mind or giving you a couch-locked crash. We love the energetic and clearheaded effects of this flower.

Whether you’ve got a day of adventure in store for your Valentine or you’ll just be spending quality time together, Mamacita is sure to deliver an elevated experience.

Bacon Buds Bacon Grease Gold Quality Rosin

Want a highly-potent, chemical-free concentrate to celebrate your day of love? Look no further than Bacon Buds Gold Quality Rosin.

Freshly harvested cannabis is frozen and used to make bubble hash, then pressed into rosin. The result is a strong, solvent-free rosin that is sure to heighten your senses and get you in that loving mood.

Raven Grass Flower: Blackberry Kush

This flower is the perfect fit for Valentine’s Day with its deep purple appearance and sweet berry aroma. It’s great for unwinding and reconnecting with your loved one after a long day. Draw a bubble bath, pour a glass of wine, and get in the mood with delicious Blackberry Kush.

Dragon Balm Deep Tissue Relief

Is there a better romantic gesture than a relaxing massage from your special somebody? Well, we think the only thing better is pairing the massage with Dragon Balm’s Deep Tissue Relief balm.

With menthol and camphor for cooling and relaxing effects, this balm combines The combination of THC and CBD provides the best relief and relaxation a lover could ask for.

Valentine’s Day and Cannabis

However you’ll be celebrating Valentine’s Day this year, don’t forget to stop by Western Bud and stock up on some goodies. We’ve got the best products for Valentine’s day to elevate your experience and deepen your connection with that special someone. Best of all, get 25% off orders $20 or more on February 14th. Why? Because we love you!

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