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Our Favorite Cannabis for a Mt. Baker Cabin

Updated: Apr 24

Our Western Buds Visit a Mt. Baker Cabin

Not far from our Bellingham pot shop lies Mt. Baker, the third highest mountain in Washington. This gorgeous peak was popular amongst indigenous tribes for thousands of years, with the Nooksack people referring to it as “Kulshan.” We were lucky enough to cozy up at a nice Mt. Baker cabin recently, where we admired the view and kept ourselves warm with a hot tub and plenty of weed.

Did we mention Mt. Baker is one of the snowiest places in the world? Yeah, it was pretty cold out there. We were grateful to have packed a lot of weed for this trip to elevate us even more than the mountain could.

We’re excited to share with you our favorite products we used at the Mt. Baker cabin. We hope it inspires you to take a fun trip into nature and connect with the land's rich history filled with beauty. And if you’ll be renting out a Mt. Baker cabin, don’t forget to go for one with a hot tub!

Northwest Grown Flower - Sundae Driver

Sundae Driver is a delicious hybrid from Northwest Grown and the perfect strain to kick-off a cabin adventure. It has a delightfully sweet flavor that pairs well with its mellow and calming effects.

We recommend passing this one around before hitting the hot tub. Trust us, you’ll be in the mood for total relaxation after a few puffs.

Stony Mountain Root Beer

With everyone happy and relaxed, it’s time for a Stony Mountain Root Beer from Evergreen Herbal. How could we pass the opportunity to drink Stony Mountain while getting stony...on the mountain?

We all have pretty high tolerances, so you can bet we reached for the 100 mg THC and 100 mg CBD bottles to pair with our pizza in the hot tub.

Artizen Cannabis Pre-Roll: Cascade Kush

If you spend time at a Mt. Baker cabin - in the Cascade mountain range - you’ll want to reach for the Cascade Kush by Artizen Cannabis. It's pretty much grown for getting elevated in the mountains.

This indica-dominant pre-roll will have you in a state of pure bliss. We especially love this strain before, during and after our hot tub sessions.

Bacon Bud’s Flower

Keeping the flower in circulation, we recommend Bacon Bud’s for a trip like this. We can’t stay in a hot tub forever, but we can keep warm with buds from this family-run farm from Washougal. We love that this company donates to causes related to elephant and whale conservation.

Boggy Boon’s Squatch Pre-Roll

The hybrid infused joint from Boggy Boon comes next. Enhanced with the power of hash, this is the perfect pre-roll to share in the hot tub. These joints are filled with flower, dipped in oil, and rolled in kief.

If you’re not used to hash joints, we’d recommend taking this one slow, especially if you’ll be enjoying other products throughout the night.

Sky Standard Gardens' Snow Leopard Flower

This indica-dominant flower from Sky Standard Gardens is perfect for settling into a cozy night by the fire. Snow leopard tends to creep up on you, with effects slowly taking over without users even realizing it. We recommend cuddling up by the fire, sharing some Snow Leopard, and playing card games.

4.20 Bar Minis - Dark Chocolate Sea Salt

These delicious, bite-sized chocolates from Evergreen Herbal are a perfect way to end a night in at the cabin. We paired them with blueberry goat cheese, crackers, and prosciutto for a sophisticated pre-bed snack.

With 100 mg of CBD and 100 mg of THC, a blanket of warmth slowly covered us all and tucked us into bed.

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