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Best Cannabis for Holidays

Naughty and Nice Deserve the Best Cannabis for Holidays

We love to celebrate the holidays with cannabis. There’s so many options to choose from — pre-rolls with friends, cookies for family and drinks at midnight as we ring in a new year. Western Bud is excited to highlight the best cannabis for holidays based on our favorite picks, so you can go straight to celebrating this holiday season.

Pre-Rolls for Our Trees

For Christmas, we can’t help but get in the spirit and smoke some trees. Joints are without a doubt some of the most simple and best cannabis for holidays. Pre-rolled and ready to go, joints make it easy to share an experience with friends.

To kick off our holiday party, we lit up a few favorites. Legit Gold, Goldfinger by House of Cultivar and Dawg Star all top our wish list. Throw these into your white elephant gift exchange and you'll sure to be a hit.

A Very Green Christmas

Joints are just the tip of the Christmas iceberg though. We like to induce a little munchy action with joints before diving into our sweet cannabis-infused treats. That means chocolate.

Leave Santa these potent chocolate cookies from Green Baker by Green Revolution. Dipped in a cold glass of milk, they're our favorite on Christmas Eve night. Throw in a couple Snickerdoodles too, since Santa doesn't drive anyway.

Double Delicious Hot Chocolate

When we think of Christmas time, we think of cozying up by the fire with a hot drink in hand. Naturally, we’ve found a way to incorporate cannabis into this picturesque scene. We heat up some milk and blend our favorite Double Delicious straight into the cup. The result? A delicious, relaxing drink that gradually elevates us.

New Year, New Joint

As far as New Year’s Eve goes, our choices have to be special. We’re kicking off a new year of experiences and it’s crucial to start on the right foot. The best cannabis for holidays like New Year’s Eve should be one-of-a-kind experiences. Our holiday sparkers? A joint or few. Unlike drinking, cannabis doesn't knock us out after one or two.

Our Type of Holiday Drink

Champagne is usually the go-to for New Year's Eve. However, we like to switch it up. Especially when that drink is less likely to give us a headache the next day. That calls for cannabis soda.

When the clock strikes midnight, our western buds will toast with Olala. There’s a flavor out there for everyone ranging from honeydew melon to pineapple, fruit punch, and even classic cola. Infused sparkling waters are also available, which are a refreshing and light alternative to the tasty sodas. The seasonal spiced cran apple contains 50mg THC. If you want something with a little more punch, the pineapple is a 1:1 with 100mg of both THC and CBD.

Our Midnight Celebration

When the clock strikes midnight, we are ready to light the Dawg Star rosin blunt. This blunt has oil on the tip, so it has to be lit in a particular way that requires more attention. It’s a fancy, elegant blunt that is perfect to spark up at midnight to kickstart the new year.

Happy 2020 to Our Western Buds

We hope our western buds have a wonderful holiday season. We've enjoyed growing with you the last year and look forward to the roaring 20's.

What are your favorite cannabis-infused ways to celebrate the holidays?

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