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Best Bellingham Hikes With Our Western Buds

Updated: May 7

Bellingham Hikes with Our Favorite Cannabis

In Bellingham we’re lucky to have so many places to hike and explore without traveling far. Surrounded by the beauty of the San Juans and North Cascades, there is an endless supply of nature to explore and sights to see. Large mossy trees, serene trails and ferns galore fill the best Bellingham hikes — which are naturally enhanced with the addition of cannabis.

We recently hiked the Stimpson Family Nature Preserve. The group heads out for our hike prepared for rain. However, when we arrive at the trailhead skies are calm and clear. It's the perfect start to a nature-filled adventure.

The Western Bud team loves Stimpson Family Nature Preserve. We consider it one of the best Bellingham hikes for a casual afternoon outing. Our Western Buds Madi and Erica, previously unaware they’d hike and shoot photos together, exude fresh and positive energy with each step we take.

Raven Grass For Our Greens

While the trails are gorgeous and calm, we can’t help but take it to the next level. That’s when the Raven Grass comes out. With a mix of CBD and THC, these Type 02 pre-rolls spark wonder and creativity, which is exactly the kind of mindset we seek when hiking.

The pre-rolls give us a euphoric boost to continue on. We’re feeling a sense of full-body relaxation without sedation. Plus we know we’ve got cannabis-infused potato chips in our bag to snack on later, which amplifies the motivation to keep moving forward.

Our Trail Treat? Lori's Infused Potato Chips

When we reach a natural stopping point, it’s time to pull out the snacks. Lori’s Roasted Garlic Potato Chips are crisp and flavorful with a cannabis-infused pop. This is the perfect snack to pack with a sandwich and refreshing drink to share with friends at the top of a hike. We also appreciate that these chips are gluten-free, vegan, and organic.

Kiona THC For You and Me

After our infused snack break, we continue up the trail. But first, we smoke another pre-roll. This time we spark up Kiona THC. We love this sungrown farm located in Eastern Washington's wine country. The world class soil translates into flavorful terpene-rich flower and pre-rolls.

Dabs in the Wild

Up next? Dabs in the wild! We love to take dabs with our mini Vuber. We love this mini dabber for its affordability and portability. We have this same model in black at our Anacortes dispensary.

For our dabs, we started out with Svin Garden's Birthday Cake nug run. We love this farm for its super frosty flower and unique selection of genetics. We followed up with gorgeous golden dabs on Strawnana from Sugar Leaf Farms.

All in all, we can’t say enough good things about the hiking scene in Bellingham. In this city, everywhere you look is a new and beautiful view. We can’t deny how great of a combination hiking and cannabis is for getting in a meditative state and connecting with nature in a meaningful way.

What’s your favorite Bellingham hike?

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